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 Habit is a thing familiar to us, but does not quite have we had thought deeply on a daily basis. It has a number of why and whether that to get the nail biting poverty and extortion to everyday eyes, a habit or behavior you do not know well. I thought where they learn about the fun habit of Bangs usually, we and Once I get to help in life, we have created a website related to this habit.
 I was in charge of HTML, text, research. Until work on site production, I did not know for almost habit, but I became interested in relation to habit In the course of investigating. I think that it is good if you can to know about habit through this site.
 I was responsible for design, illustration. The best thing is to be, followed by the addition of hand many times, we finally completed it in a bad way. Because it was like to draw an illustration, a sense of accomplishment was aside As you continue to completed gradually. I am glad if you can even have one person sympathetic to many people our site.
 I was in charge of HTML, text, research. That you get accustomed to using it for the first time crossed the HTML was a very me. Be summarized in an easy-to-understand information about the habit it was very difficult sentences.
 I was in charge of photos and illustrations. It was difficult to imagine more than is given to the illustrations and easy-to-understand human look. Look at the illustrations even a little, I'm glad you find it to learn to enjoy.
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