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Why are you would bite your nails?
It is a sign of self-injurious behavior. In the case of a child, when I want to recognized and lack of love from parents, their presence, in the case of adults, it is likely to occur when you feel frustrated and, the stress.

Is there any harm to the body by making a Ashikumi?
There. Force will no longer turn back or hip pain and lower back, feet. Also I will upset the balance of the body because there is also affected bone.

I really fingers thicker and hold ring the finger?
Is true. This is because going bloated while I repeated the repair cartilage is damaged. Not only that, ligaments and joint capsule is loose, it may cause a disorder of the body.

Why do you let me pull the hair of yourself?
It is a self-inflicted of order to eliminate stress and anxiety, the anger that remains. In the case of children, it seems removing the hair of their own when the aggression is hidden within the heart.

What should I do in order to habit a smile?
First, how about try to smile when you talk to people consciously. It may be very difficult, but by get used to this, you might be able to contact with the person with a smile unconsciously.

Is there a benefit by getting up early?
It is possible to fix the life rhythm of the day. In addition, the concentration goes up brain activated. In addition, you can relieve the stress that has accumulated because it can afford to time. There is merit in many other.

What do you understand how to compose by the foot?
Psychology and personality of a person appears, I can see what the other party or person. For example, people to partner with on the right foot, many people are reluctant shy personality. I can see that.

Why do you play with your fingers Angkor?
It is thought because there is a stretch effect, that there are people who are sound in order to be able to taste the feeling clearly by or calms the mind, vaporizing carbon dioxide and fatigue substance.

Why men to the habit Kyun to a woman over the edge the hair?
Face line that had been hidden by the hair until now becomes visible operation Depending on the length of the hair, but that women over the edge hair. Man is said to Kyun here.

Why women to roll up our sleeves and Kyun to men?
Human figure that was exactly the suits have that you do not rarely dressed in his suit of usually roll up our sleeves. Woman's right to Kyun in this gap.

What do you understand how to compose by the arm?
You can see the other party's with his arms folded and put what meaning. I have a psychological meaning of the labels of "intimidating his arms folded," "defensive arms folded" and "comfort his arms folded basis" for its arms folded.

Why should I help your posture?
You can by basal metabolism increases muscle is stimulated, it is a figure that is firm. You may also relieve the symptoms of poor circulation to improve blood circulation. In addition, to focus also to increase it letting me spread oxygen to the brain.
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