TOP / Investigation of habit / Habit questionnaire

 Someone is feeling each, he would have what kind of habit. I have conducted a survey to 50 people in multiple answers.
 [Target] High school students and their families [Implementation site]Gifu Prefecture

Yes 44
No 6

*We recognize most to have a habit, but I believe that there is no habit is about 10%.

# 1(12 votes) Cross legs
# 2(10 votes) I touch the face
# 3(7 votes) I touch the hair
# 4(5 votes) Arm wrestling
# 5(4 votes) Tapping unconsciously
Biting nails
Rest one's checks
I ring the joint
-Extra edition-
1 votes I move the toes
1 votes I start walking from left foot
1 votes Finger Patchin

*Result habit of ringing the joint is often Daidanshi 10, men in their 40s that often has a habit of touching the hair came out. In addition, regardless of gender age, Ashikumi were many.
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