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 Among those who've come across so far, those who are Futari and one of the people with impressive habit. On this page, you are introduced to elect the best habit 8 have changed to dozens of high school students study. Everyone, please try to remember the people of a strange habit once.



 There was a person who has a habit of chewing in the mouth in high school classmate. From the point of view of Haneda, I felt like suspected of I think we have put something in the mouth opening is in motion To Mogomogo. In fact, it was so angry is mistaken for chewing gum in class, it was pitiful. I somewhat like I'm aware of it myself, but seems incurable it hard to conscious, himself seemed to have a hard time.


 This is a story of a high school friend, but when you eat ice cream and curry, natto rice, there were people who eat it after all swirling mess. I hope if I get to eat at a favorite way of eating because it is your own meals, but I thought the appearance is not so good, to eat it after swirling mess in front of people and want you to stop. There is also data to say If you examine a little in the mood, and eating people of about 30 percent and mix well, I was surprised that this is common in other than.



 Is about the habit of classmates in the days of junior high school. There was a person with a shadow boxing everywhere. Vacation time or during cleaning, I was doing time of all time and free time after school. I thought maybe, the people like the very boxing with them, and I was practicing shadow boxing and much Bangs with when it comes to free time. If you go to the gym once in a while, we also have or hit the punching bag instead mat is put. When I grow up, and let me lost shame hesitation everywhere I was hoping in my mind You had better fix is alright.



 The teacher of a junior high school when, there was a habit of hitting the point strongly whenever you finish one sentence write something on the blackboard. If there is a place that is important in the classroom, I tried to count the number of points on the board during class partly habit of tapping the blackboard and Concon with chalk to stick instead refers, because it was worrisome at a time, 60 or more even while there is what were. I am not worried if a bit much, but because much counted together all the way, a lot, you will had hit the blackboard with chalk much worried about defintely.


 It is the senior of the club of high school, you have been while closing the mouth by pinching the nose, I was out a high-pitched sound as "Pukyun" when you sneeze. I asked at the thought that it to do I sneeze normally, whether to sneeze such Why, the sound of sneezing is so big yourself, to sneeze by pinching the nose to narrow down the sound as a result of mind, I had said that it has become a habit it's pinch the nose when you sneeze normal. But thought it was so worried about strange sound rang with it and also, also pinch the nose, should I fix is I think we said.


 This is a story of a classmate of junior high school, there is a box of mystery named "your tool box" is is written in the desk, among them, the core of the wrap and dressing of meals you do not know in what time or not and was contained. The only thing that it would never use those that had gathered, I did not know or are doing for what, but I think it also wonder if a habit Well himself because he gathered happily directly below. But I thought that it was a Na want you to stop You can only collect what'll rot if you put me well such as food.



 It is a story of a high school friend of mine, but there is a mysterious habit each time to be included in the mouth rice at lunch, that rubbing at high speed by placing the hand on the knee. It is not a once in a while, it is also because the Toko refers refers to the knee after each bite, it looks like there is not very calm. It is to point out occasionally, but not signs of healing many times Having said this, I eat while rubbing your knees when you eat rice together even now. And I thought it also wonder if doing it from cold at first, but I had to do even in the summer, I thought it was such a habit is Na'm gone ingrained is this.


 It is a friend of high school, there is a habit of swinging the neck always sing when. It is a course at the time of karaoke, but also saw a had become almost an accident and continues to sing shaking his head even while you're riding a bicycle. I thought that it was I was pointed out at the thought that it might not you dangerous indeed, but since has been denied in does not appear to be aware of you are shaking your head person in question, and I wonder really OK. I think I I think I think we become sick head if it has moved only that, but because it was how the person does not care with them, and have changed.

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