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 Say habit, it is something you do not recognize yourself unexpectedly. The habit, I have reason to its habit is attached to the body. Ie that it knowing the habit, is to say know yourself. Here, we will explain about what I do and wearing a good habit, to fix a bad habit.


 The habit, it will be planting the impression to the viewer. Say habit, and, because it is what you had gone unconscious, you should not only once. If it is bad habit, the impression will become more and more evil out again and again seen. But what if good habit. Because I always give a good impression repeat, good human relations more and more I can build. Simply because it is a thing to be repeated unconsciously, to say the habit and I do not so that we were in good habit.


 I do have to get started from that to habit, to know first. However, bad habit does not necessarily tell us very much. First of all, let's listen to a friend can really trust and parent. Also, instead of get angry if anyone who points out the habit, I'll be able to appreciate you've taught me. It is that it becomes like saying this action, and that was able to have a good habit that unlike myself until now already.


 It is said that human being are spending unconsciously the time of 80%. It does not mean that say 80% is sleeping. It is said, for example, and are spending unconsciously when to act in the state that when you wash up in the bath, and do not think "to wash from the hand the right arm first, ... then" Nantes. Be used to repetitive behavior, it's going to be able to act without thinking Nantes what to do. Habit also means that one of its actions, it is repetitive behavior, It is a gesture that appears unconsciously. Please see the page of habit, it being understood that in doing so to act consciously yourself want to be in the future, the time you have spent in this unconscious, good habit that the body gets.



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