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 In the world, there are a lot of things there is no way to be considered.However, people of the habit that would think about it is, will enter the loop of negative steadily.People, because it is a creature that would focus on where useless, It's easy to amplify only regret is not productive after all.Mannerist to regret about why had this happens, please wear a habit to think towards the future or not you made ​​the same mistake What if from now.And please come to make a loop of positive.
[The habit suffering that there is no choice but to be considered]


 News of the Japanese media or content is often a positive?Negative content often?Humans because it is an animal, I will focus on the news that may be hazardous to your body.And TV stations, are you using that effect.So, the negative news is I increases.And, negative thoughts is I would like to control some people is dominated by negative news, have seen.The simplistic As such, it could be made to see only top news, please try to focus on the only bright news information media.
[I habit to focus on the negative publicity of the media]


 Man is a creature of the excuse. When you or going to start something new, you are trying to challenge something, to be afraid to fail, it will so as not to act in excuse yourself.Positive people and people that success does not make excuses.As long as there is a possibility of even a little, I will challenge.So even as a failed example, are there what you get.Than do nothing to excuse, let's wear the habit of Stepping Out. By doing so, it will become possible that could not be ever.
[I habit to excuse]


 There is a tendency to put off thing that I do not like people.People who have such a habit, or would not be caught in a loop of the back burner that is weak - will hate more - quality is low.Habit to act before that not good if worn, [to address the fact that I do not like - complete goes up from work early - get confident] loop is I can.Anyone do not want to do thing that I do not like. However, by that act from it, not like I could be overcome.
[I habit to put aside the fact that I do not like]

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