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 A chewing sound, it is a sound eating and munching. It is said that the chewing sound has a big influence of the discipline in the days of the child. I did not hear that the parent says or come to eat while the child whom a parent did not train starts a chewing sound.
A person becomes insensitive to one's sound to give unexpectedly not to be worried about one's smell. However, please be careful because it is like the habit not to be able to stand when a sound is started in front for the person worried about a chewing sound.


 Poverty extortion, is said to be a sign of stress. It is the habit of complaining, dump, it ends up when it is not possible to resolve reasonable. The nervous shaking of the leg, there is a tradition that people would be unconscious in many cases, that is obsessed with god of poverty and the poverty and extortion from the Edo period, is one of the habit that is disliked even now.
 Cause of poverty extortion are not fully understood, but it is theories. In addition, poor offensive extortion from someone else's point of view also has been found to be good for the body in a recent study. As well as the elimination of stress, blood circulation or better, or have the same effect as walking, or were measures of osteoarthritis of the hip, there are many good thing. However, please be aware that people are watching, so do not feel good.


 Sigh also, it is said stress is the cause as well as poverty extortion. It is said that happiness is also escape and a sigh. When you image a happy person, I feel like unrelated to the sigh will. Again, to sigh off given that there is that things will not be just as wanted to, there is a negative image, side to hear they feel the aura of negative. Because is that even correct it consciously, is due to be given of sigh, have come up in order to eliminate the stress, it is not a fundamental solution if you do not eliminate the cause. However, a positive effect has also been observed in poverty like extortion.


 Nail biting is a habit that is most common in school-age or later be seen from the second half of infancy. Habit as it goes to children and adults basically, biting your nails will no longer gradually, but because some data 10% that has become a habit even in adults, a fine person has become a habit. It is common in people who are nervous a scrupulous.
 People that would chew nails and even as an adult is that "self-control" is that they are lacking. So, when you can not Kontoru myself, I appear as an act that hurt myself when things did not go well. However, care must be taken not only benefits, because there is a point of diminishing returns on health in the act of biting your nails.


 Once the tut-tut, very will make you feel bad. The tut-tut, and because it is a sign of psychological or a fool or intimidate the opponent. When you make to yourself, out when tends to punish the self is strong.
 Tut-tut because it is a sign of aggression in both oneself and others, it is cumbersome and becomes a habit. Side to hear because it is sound you will hear unexpectedly, it will enter the ear extra. So, well in advance to many things, it can be said to be a habit to be improved to be considered.

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