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 Because it has without consciousness of how to hold chopsticks, you can say that ingrained habit.How to hold is determined by the time in elementary school, in what is the correct way to hold to hear that you say parent firm.Because it is a habit that holds on top of the action that has been accumulated over many years, correction of the adult is difficult.Holding is funny adult, or is determined to grow is bad, because it may become a credit issue, I should fix the habit of weird way of holding within the child.


 Because it is a tool that characters are dating for many years, habit is easy to get.In general, to say that personality and scrupulous people in Miscellaneous, clean di is sloppy if applies.It is also dark thin man character is small, the existence of the person is thin in many cases.I'm also represents the lack of self-confidence.Or a person modest to people who write the character of the right edge elsewhere. Habit is reflected in the di Write unconsciously, it is possible to read the person from his habit.


 Magpie can say "hunting instinct" is strong. Magpie prefer men than women that there are many "hunting instinct" is because are involved.
 In addition, magpie extreme seems there is a tendency is easy to brutal betrayal, more abnormal terrorists and criminals. "Hunting instinct" might be because something has been implicated as well.


 In the world, young people speak through the eyes from above has been increasing. Because I seen since I was a small critic of television, it is said that the habit is or not than they've attached to the body.
 Tend to desire to tell people to speak through the eyes from above in general, and I want you recognized are not met. However, it is good when the result is accompanied by, but it will give birth to a great antipathy when the results are not accompanied. First of all, starting from that you can imagine the position of the other party, it is better to improve is good Looking from above.

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