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 People loosening the tie is in the habit is human type of hate that to be bound. However, even though it has already been a tie firmly always, people loosen the tie after work is said that people who read the air field that can be firmly off. Always, is to say that people loosing big deal is in the habit, the one who opens the heart to the other party. People with the habit such, tend to be people who are me counsel kindly if it is in trouble.


 People that despite the absence of problems such as revenue, wear shabby clothes has become a habit, is said people who are self-paced, which have impressed by other than appearance is large. The Rather, people who are important to the inner elements is often, but I always get Rated "is not sloppy," said from the world.


 Much has been said that person and can be seen only shoes, you can see that various from the habit of shoes. Mannerist wear in favor of the shoes of the string with the type weak in authority and common sense. People who wear the same shoes always, stubborn own pace. People spending money on shoes, people strong upward mobility. I There are many other. From the habit of how to reduce the back of the shoes, I know human nature.


 Bag as well as it always carry, it can be said that the habit is easy to get. People who know and love forever the bag is shabby, people tend not to hear the opinion of the people is strong feelings. People who are able and free of clutter of bags a lot of pockets, people and reliable in scrupulous. Even though there is nothing to put much, people that would have a bag like the attache case, narcissist type. Habit seems will also appear in a bag.

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