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 People with criticism habit is people desire it is to be respected by people, that should be noted is strong. That feeling is strong, a burst of frustration, I criticize others. Of course, I may not not be respected by people as a result, or someone to be in love with a man of habit criticism. But people with criticism habit is to criticism further trying to fill the difference further.
 You try to work as long as there are people who feel that it is not going well in the criticism habit, habit so that the body gets compliments also it might be a good idea.


 Sometimes the idea can be seen in people with no self-confidence, and thus compared to the people immediately.If you would have a sense of inferiority, and become visible only part that is inferior to others. Habit ashamed of where useless than people would stick to the body. It can be said that rather than feel inferior Because compared to the people, even when compared to humans because they have a sense of inferiority.
 As a method to eliminate, to be compared with their past rather than compared to people. By doing so, it has grown is clarified, it should not have a sense of inferiority own.


 That preaching is necessary but many. However, is another story and the preaching habit. Better to be preaching to the unconscious is not a thing accumulated. Who preaching has become a habit, if the pleasure you will listen is in the habit because there are many, that there is no problem even paying no attention is often. You'll just need Tedate If you want to improve the relationship, such as or try confided hotness on you apologized.
 Also, if you want to correct the preaching habit, you need to come "may enter the position of the other party."

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