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 It is a favorite phrase common in elderly man.This is considered to be the kind to get away with the excuse of the age "escape habit".I can say with preemptive apology when the outcome was not out.Habit to excuse the age Once attached to the body, it becomes a negative to a lot of things.Because there is nothing benefit with him saying, that you do not say is desirable.Is positive for infection also negative, but also is contagious.


 People of habit that would make heavy use such as "uh" and "um" when speaking in public are many can be seen.While off a meaningless word, I'm prepared to talk to the next unconscious, but it is a habit that did not look likely to be so smart.Or a lack of practice, the content may not have boiled down, There are many causes to be Tari a fear of silence, but that it I asked many times to record his statement, this habit is relatively easily it is said that habit that can be improved.


 There are people who put in a good word as "in reverse".When different from the sensibility and your thoughts, you can use the word "in reverse" to not be positive.If you can not be positive that the various, human relations will also go more and more narrow.People-intensive "in reverse", tend to conflict with their own people is not convinced.
 It looks intellectual Using the "in reverse" every once in a while, but because they'd received to be a person narrow field of view and intensive, you need to be careful.


 People who say "I'm sorry" immediately, often seen.Because there is a tendency to not Xcaret strongly to people who say "I'm sorry", we can say people who say well "I'm sorry" and is a human desire you do not want to be scolded strong is strong in Japan.Just people who barrage as "I'm sorry", tend to be able to work, you are working alone late into the night.Since work done carefully, We need time.Again, you do not spy out how not to work so as not scolded, this habit is not easily repaired.


 People-intensive "I mean" is not an exaggeration to say that you deny that has become a habit.Will no offense Because it is a habit, but because is the reason starts with the ability to deny the words and actions of the other party, it's that such remarks to be cranky the other party. The same is true "but". By the way, this word is the word the second largest sector of Japanese men rankings that Ira~tsu. You had better take care not say is good.

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