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 If you look at his arms folded , to have the impression that people generally have swagger , that angry , but, in fact, there is a psychological meaning of the three " intimidating his arms folded ," " defensive arms folded " and " comfort basis arms folded ." Way of constructing shallow position of the arm is high , it is to his arms folded and with pride "It is intimidating his arms folded ." It is a pose that people in high places take the " intimidating arms folded ." For example, in the scene angry man a woman late for a date , such as drama , taking the pose tight elbow women set the arm will be more common . In that case , I can see that it is in a position of above the woman than men from pose to his arms folded .
 Position of the arm is low , how to compose is the deep is " defensive arms folded ." The " defensive arms folded " , you are refused the entry of others by link arms , that is, represents the rejection sign . That they embrace the tension and sense of insecurity , and wish to avoid unnecessary involvement with others can be read .
's Arms Crossed how to compose the arm deeper , to embrace the armpit and both shoulders with both hands "It is comforting arms folded manner " . By cross one's arms as had been nestled in the arms of the mother , we ease the loneliness and anxiety . The folding arms of these three , how to compose the arm because of the different depending on the mental state , if you look well , you will be able to know what are its arms folded partner put what meaning .


 When you are concentrated in and thinking , you may want is sounding a Pokipoki unconsciously . This has the same effect as clapping tap-tap your finger on the desk , people are lost in thought in the same way is soothe the mind by turning the pen or unconsciously . In addition , it becomes want to do with Pokipoki many times there is a stretch effect , by carbon dioxide and fatigue material that has been accumulated is vaporized , it is possible to taste the feeling clearly .
 Chiming and Angkor is this joint can not be played continuously. Because when it is bent indirect , very time -consuming because bubbles burst is to return to the original again . You can play by placing a 20 to 30 minute period in order to do snap again. In addition, I often say when I continue ringing the finger , the finger is "as thick , but it is a fact . You can get the pleasure , but not a very good act in the body .


 Pen Spinning is often take place when the two situations when you want to and concentration when boring. And remember the pleasure acrobatic skill is determined, it becomes a habit to have done repeatedly.
 However, even as I went to when you want to concentrate, that the impression be worse captured that it is a thing to be boring when in many cases. However, it is a good habit stimulation likely given the brain by using a fingertip dexterity.


 It is said to say the sense of smell, to be in the part most primitive of the brain. As to prove it, smell is the better animal primitive. In other words, it's that would sniff just just is, it might be a sign that you want to act on instinct and discard the reason.
 Although it is out of habit without any harm to the minute to act alone, but because wind up being seen as abnormal behavior From the point of view of people who are rational, it's want smell anything, should I leave it home alone is good will.


 There are others do not normal to himself. Or be aggressive, or was intended to be meaningless, there is a possibility of the disease himself to keep saying to some people, but you do not have to worry about the disease as long as the other. Or come out when it is excited, or come out to check for the presence of their own, it can be said elements of self-control is strong habit.
 Himself so to accumulate stress on the others, should I quit is hard in a place where there are people, but research results that effective in maintaining a healthy mind and body have also been announced.

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