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 So that there is the word "seven habit without" It is a thing that habit and some to everyone. If you examine the dictionary, in Kojien, and "the thing habit or preference. Learned that this is the case always. Drawback custom, to be accused of biased". It is "The words and actions. Had attached to the body unconsciously, and not action. Usually has become a habit, Trends and biased nature peculiar to itself," said in Meikyo Japanese dictionary. Most habit, not a thing of adverse effects for me. However, it you feel uncomfortable for so many others, such expressions of that blame will be used. However, care must be taken, because it is what different from the habit or addiction and habit.

 What 's the difference between habit and addiction . If you're put on the difference dare , it will appear in the Chinese character of " cure " . I cure the habit . I cure the addiction . In other words , habit is what heals if trying to fix it yourself , but the addiction is professional care is required . If you do not cured the addiction , It is the one that leads to it or supposed to be a very socially , cause a health hazard . Drug addiction , such as net addiction is so . In that respect, you do not have to be a big problem if not remedied habit . However , you must be careful because some things you went to the hospital to say that by habit .
I can say border of habit and habit is ambiguous . It may be said to say that the action attached to the body by acting repeatedly that it is habit and good , habit and behavior that does not matter good or bad attached to the body unconsciously . Protect the time of the promise is called a habit without saying and habit , but it would be easy to see that that habit without saying and practice late .


 First, how habit or will be born. First, it can be to imitate unconsciously the behavior of people who want to be, it becomes a habit. Children with habit-like a parent's also not a few, this reason is true. When the feeling you want to be like that person, who want to make friends began to grow, I would be incorporated into the self-habit to people about a strong affinity desire.


 It may have been in self-defense in order to avoid the stress habit. You might say the most common reason is born of habit. How will the poor extortion when there is no help for it fun. It may be said that when stressed, and has a habit to get a sense of security to escape from stress.
It is the one that I think in particular, when you are feeling stress strong people, and you want to touch someone. However, does not mean there is the environment at any time. Thus, compensation act of touching yourself on your own is born. It is the kind of touch your hair, as well as biting your nails. By touching yourself, psychology of removing the anxiety Check the self is working people.


 Habit will be born by Again, an easy habit born in every profession comes out and we have already done every day work. I am not interested so much people that have the same habit because there are many When you are in the same workplace, or will there not be that the habit comes into view When you are in the crowd. Attitude you have there is a habit show by assembling a hand in the ass around or a teacher, president and imposing when prompted, resulting in an imposing even in places you do not need title of president. Occupation has been or can see from anywhere or read as well as newspaper. In other words, repetition of behavior that you want allo seem that profession, I create a habit. Habit that would born in each profession this may not be an exaggeration to say the "occupational disease".


 Sometimes it becomes a habit by repeating the behavior that you think people, a good feeling because it is a creature that would do just just. You can remember the pleasure of the state of the straight hair with no split ends and remove the split ends, you can remember or pleasure in advanced Pen Spinning. It will become a habit that a pleasant feeling, and will be performed repeatedly. It does not forget himself even pleasure, that the habit is a thing to feel uncomfortable to others.


 It is the act of trying to compensate in the act of another desire not satisfied with the price action. For example, a child that is no longer received by the breast-feeding weaned is the act of attempting to obtain a sense of security in the Toe Sucking. There is action in question even an adult, this is seen in a variety of action could accidentally knocking the desk when you get frustrated, and or the impulse buying from stress. However, must be opposed because it is cost only this act, if you are trying to eliminate the habit, and the essential cause.


 The habit of many cases, the habit without any problem if one yourself in the world . Rather , it can be said that merit and large in the sense that fix the balance of mind . However , I have to think about a place to harm the feelings of a person by habit . And , not least also has led to the evaluation of the ability by following the habit . For example, do I have seen for many days the figure eat make a Kuchakucha sound at work , it is the same as torture beyond through the pain for people to be worried . Surely , it would would have been evaluated as " scruffy man " just the habit . However , there is no offense you have any habit we have already done unconsciously .
Since there is no disadvantage for himself habit , not that it can be a large problem in the society too . However, in around you , there may be some people who think that uncomfortable habit of you . In this site, learn about the habit , and to get along properly with the habit , I want you to become an opportunity to change the direction a little bit better .

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