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 Is there anything habit not a story unique to human beings. It is a thing that has a habit of each of its unique animals as dogs and cats, and horses and rabbits. In fact, animal behavior that we sees everyday, and Dattari habit of the animal. So, get to learn about the various quirks of animal this time, please deepen awareness of animal more.
 Dog digging a hole, and it is thought to be the relic because it is a habit instinctive. In addition, we conduct in order to find the identity of the smell to be in order, care to fill something for-garden to look for cold ground if for summer to dissipate the energy Ariama~tsu • In order to make the dwelling of their own.
 The more young, the dog will bite better things. It is very natural for dogs, biting things I behavioral important 3-1 months old of time teething is (tooth removal 換期). In the case of dogs, we are biting because it is lonely or bored. The things like pulling out the contents of the stuffing, such as sofa, you will be considered to be a relic that has been eaten tear eat the flesh of prey in the days of the wild.
 Anxiety, boredom, frustration, have an excess of energy, also for, protect fear, loneliness, only, for some reason that the fun is just simply barking is barking due. In the case of absence, the owner will be like a plucked chicken for animals to make a herd, the dog would go out and their owners put their own. Wild dogs will try to call a fellow by the howling instinctively when stray away from the flock. Dog is also barking in an attempt to Yobimodoso the owner as well. Since the dog can not use your hands deftly as opposed to a person, and let me put various things in the mouth, it is taking things with his mouth. This is the is the cause of crib-biting.
 Able to catch the rat by changes in the environment such as is kept as a pet in human has been reduced to the current cat. However, hunting instinct so remaining, I will try to satisfy in the play it. Upon sensing odor to stimulate the instinct of the cat, movement, sound, and movement prey or may not stomach is reduced. It is seen as a playmate to satisfy the instinct and not as food prey at this time. Cats prey to hear the chance to attack, I will pounce. And you bite the racking in forefoot.
 There are horses to bite at random just to approach. I say that there is Habit of biting the horse has a habit of frequently bite. I seen many stallions. It is that to correct this habit, to repeat that you punch to the nose if you try to duck.
 This is called the cribber habit of hooking the upper front teeth to a horizontal bar and Umasenbo, swallow air while pressing the bar. When you do this, it becomes a cause of disease, such as colic (gas colic) air would be accumulated in the stomach. cribber is also known as "Guippo" from the sound of when swallowing air.
 This is called bearing the habit of rocking from side to side the upper body when they become Temochibusata in the hut. If there is this habit, the left-right balance will collapse.
 I will say that there is striking horses kick the person well. It is the promise to put a red cloth to tail because it is very dangerous. Horse that has a habit kick is to carry out well, I'm kicking side. You have created a side kick and approaches. Because they have stability with three, you are still using one of the legs to kick, you have to launch a kick dexterity by feeding the tricks. Also careless chance also it is not a hind leg in the forefoot, anywhere so come put a kick. If you grew up in an unhappy environment seem to be many horses that have this kind of habit.
 Time it was wild Rabbit, rabbit dug a hole, I've been living in it. I will gesture of digging in the remains of that time. It seems to have divergent stress by digging a hole. That stop someone seems difficult digging so instinct. When you are out of the gauge, as it may become scratched and scratched the floor, it's a good idea to measures such as pulling the rug if you do not want to hurt.
 It is the animal with teeth extending life, rabbit and adjust the length of the tooth by cutting the teeth so chewing various things, and I gnaw. When you buy a rabbit at home, such measures put away properly and electrical cord is needed.
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