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 You have a habit more than a few in any person, is described as it is a genius "great man" is the same. You or have a habit which seems to be the more surprised if people rather amazing. By knowing the human part of the great man that I thought that it is "perfect", sense of intimacy might frame. So, please learn the habit of unusual great men here.
 Composer of Germany. The very famous in the music world, there was used in the opening song of "Nodame Cantabile" and "Symphony No. 7 - 1st Movement" and "Fur Elise" is a masterpiece.

【Habit】When writing music, there was a habit to note, without the left and right relationship fingers number of right and left hands. There was a habit of laugh out loud like a crack high impatient also.
 His real name is called Kin'nosuke. Japanese novelist, critic, English scholar. Some such as "I am a Cat" and "son" is a masterpiece.

【Habit】There was a habit that in the original paper, to arrange to remove the nose hair of yourself and get stuck when writing novels.
 Scholars studied for the first time the behavior of insects, a summary of the research "insect-Symbol" is famous. As a poet of Provence French Renaissance, I was also composition activity.

【Habit】There was a habit if you suddenly silent, and that anger suddenly.
 Austrian composer, musician. It is one the same Haydn, and Beethoven, of the three major masters Viennese classics. There are a "Turkish March", "Symphony No. 41" and "Jupiter" is a masterpiece.

【Habit】And the habit of moving many times, there was a gambling habit. There was a waste habit for both husband and wife also.
 Soldier-politician of the French Revolution. It was in the position of emperor, but by nationalism he advanced, Empire was destruction.

【Habit】I had a habit of thrust of the jacket pocket, a habit to give the chair a notch in the pocket knife habit to give a nickname to a favorite woman, one hand.
 Famous military commander Sengoku daimyo of Japan. Founder of the Edo shogunate Shogun.

【Habit】Habit of biting your nails, when you are riding a horse, had a habit of tapping rapidly fist the saddle.
 Fairy tale writer, poet typical of Denmark. Some such as "The Red Shoes" and "The Little Match Girl" By way of example.

【Habit】Order for appearance is ugly, without a lot of hanging out with people from a young age, social life is a poor, there was no association with women, and then debuted as a fairy tale writer, spelled endlessly and sadness that lost the first love there was a strange habit of sending the autobiography.
 Brother Orville 3 man of the light house. Millville from a small village of eastern Indiana.

【Habit】There was a collection habit.
 Explorer, voyager Conquistador, slave traders. It is said that from Genoa in Italy. It is one of the one that has reached to the United States waters first as white Christian world in the Age of Discovery.

【Habit】There is a habit that lead to many when calculating the voyage distance greedily, towards the distance lie Columbus wrote to the logbook is, was more accurate than the distance of the true calculated by Columbus.
 King of France Valois morning. Called King carefully.

【Habit】The enthusiasm decided to pick up the pieces of rare animals such as elk and reindeer, Francisco hermit Paola of Calabria was also the subject of collecting habit.
 British mathematician, writer, poet, real name Charles Dodgson, Ratou~ijji. Lewis Carroll is a pen name. Famous author "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass".

【Habit】There was a (stuttering) stuttering habit from childhood. There was a habit to record anything such as the contents of the meal in the scrupulous.
 Classical philologist of Germany, philosopher. It is well known that it has put out a book such as "Also Sprach Zarathustra".

【Habit】There was a habit that I wanted to connect with people, it would lend the money immediately. I was lent in the amount of slightly more than the amount that was said to friends that we have said that want to borrow money.
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